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Roving Mobile Theater Skits Get Citizens Engaged in Governance

Cosmos Mutuku, a community resource person, addressing traders and citizens at the Matuu Market in Machakos County, Kenya on the importance of public participation.

For elected officials and citizens in Kathiani village, Kenya, the market is a place to interact. The leader enters the market and addresses citizens yelling, "My people, I greet you all. How are you?"

The citizens shake their heads, "We are not fine. We voted for you, but we see no change." As the conversation continues, a crowd of traders laughs and snaps pictures and videos to share with friends and family. The attention of the people at the market is focused on the satirical costumes, song, and dance.


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Kenya Senate Study Tour to Albany – September/October 2019

Kenyan Senate Delegation leader, Ms. Eunice Wanjiku Gichangi, receives a gift from New York State Senator Peter Harkham during a visit to his District Office in Peekskill, New York.

The Center for International Development’s goal of enhancing the knowledge and practice of governance is better achieved through thoughtful conversation and comparative experiences. In October 2019, SUNY/CID conducted a one-week study visit to Albany, New York, for staff of the Kenyan Senate. The seven participants included both non-partisan staff serving the institution, as well as partisan staff that work directly for Senators.


Adaptive Management Theory and Practice for International Development

Adaptive management (AM) is a hot topic in the international development and humanitarian sector. It is widely regarded by donors and practitioners as necessary to effectively implementing programs in complex and volatile environments. What does adaptive management actually mean? How do we use adaptive management across different types of programs? What are specific tools and approaches of Adaptive Management?


Governance Information Bulletin

The GIB is a newsletter that draws attention to technical matters involved in strengthening political institutions and to broader issues of aid strategies, democracy assistance, public sector performance, and to countries and regions where SUNY/CID is working. Our most recent edition can be found here and the archive here.

Featured Publication

David E. Guinn: "Success in parliamentary strengthening: What does it mean?"

Robert Nakamura, et al.: "Stregthening Deliberative Bodies: Legislative Engagement Reference Paper" (pdf)

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