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Queen of the Quarry

Catherine Tatu.

Some girls consider law, medicine, or even music as a career option after graduation. Catherine Tatu, 27, wasn’t one of them. Raised in a community of miners in Taita Taveta County, Kenya, she was drawn to the little-understood industry.

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Other Features

Fresh, Running Water Finally Arrives in Hundreds of Homes in Koimwe Village, Kenya

Koimwe Village, in Nandi County, Kenya is among several villages that have long suffered from insufficient access to water suitable for household use. Women and girls typically had to walk long distances on a daily basis for clean water.

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SUNY/CID Staff Awarded US State Department Grant

The youth in Akayè, Haiti will participate in activities related to the Reimagining Haiti: Public Service Leadership grant.

The SUNY/Center for International Development (SUNY/CID) congratulates staff members Heather Senecal and Cecelia Skott as well as Rockefeller College Assistant Professor Susan Appe and SUNY New Paltz Professor Amy Nitza for their project being selected by the United States Department of State as part of the 2019 Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund.

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Governance Information Bulletin

The GIB is a newsletter that draws attention to technical matters involved in strengthening political institutions and to broader issues of aid strategies, democracy assistance, public sector performance, and to countries and regions where SUNY/CID is working. Our most recent edition can be found here and the archive here.

Featured Publication

David E. Guinn: "Success in parliamentary strengthening: What does it mean?"

Robert Nakamura, et al.: "Stregthening Deliberative Bodies: Legislative Engagement Reference Paper" (pdf)

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