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Rwandan Study Tour to Uganda Parliament Joined by SUNY/ARD COP


From March 2 to 7, 2003, SUNY/ARD Chief of Party Douglass Teschner accompanied a group of seven Rwandan Members of Parliament and staffers from the Transitional National Assembly in Rwanda to Uganda on a study/observation tour to visit the Parliament of Uganda under the auspices and invitation of the Ugandan Speaker of Parliament. The goals of the study tour were to (1) further empower the Assembly leadership to continue its modernization efforts, (2) develop skills and perspectives in organizational development, management and long-range legislative planning, and (3) provide an opportunity for beneficial mutual sharing between legislative counterparts (both MPs and staff) from both countries. Given the critical juncture in the development of Rwanda's democracy, including the drafting of a new Constitution and planned national elections, the timing of this study tour was especially significant.

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