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Kenya Parliamentary Committee on Health, Housing, Labor and Social Welfare US Study Tour


Kenya's Parliamentary Committee on Health members on balcony in the Capitol

From July 10 to 21, 2004, Members and staff of Kenya's Parliamentary Committee on Health, Housing, Labor and Social Welfare traveled to Albany, New York City, and Washington DC to examine health care financing and responses to the HIV/AIDS pandemic at the local, state, and national levels. Kenya's Health Committee is visiting the US and other nations at its own expense in hopes of learning innovative approaches that may be applicable to their health care crisis. SUNY/CID, which manages a multi-year, USAID-funded program to help strengthen the Kenyan Parliament, developed the tour agenda and assisted the Committee on this trip.

In meetings with academics, politicians, health care providers, government officials, HIV/AIDS advocacy groups, and USAID, the Kenya delegation learned how health care is financed in the US, learned about oversight of the health care industry, and learned the roles legislatures play in this area. In Washington meetings with the Speaker and Majority Leader's Offices, and with the Congressional Research Service and the Government Accountability Office, the delegation discussed funding likely to be sent to Africa for combating HIV/AIDS, and the how these funding decisions are made. During the visit, the chair of the delegation, Honorable Galgalo Boru Gurrach, explained to congressional staff, academic audiences, and USAID Kenya's unique system of constituency AIDS committees, established at the local level and recently empowered to decide how HIV/AIDS funding will be spent. If Kenya's program proves successful, it may be exportable to other nations in the region.

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