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Afghan Delegation Visits Indian Parliament


From July 23-30, 2005, SUNY/Afghanistan Project staff accompanied members of the National Assembly Secretariat on an observational study visit of the Indian Parliament. The Afghan delegation was headed by Dr. Lodin, Secretary General of the Parliament. The trip included observational visits to the main departments of the parliament and meetings with several heads of departments to discuss many topics including; budgeting, media and publications, public relations, human resources, administration and recruitment processes, legislative processes and privileges of members, roles and responsibilities of committees, library services, the responsibilities of the international relations department, and the structure and role of the security department.

In addition, the delegation observed working sessions of both houses of the Indian Parliament, the Lok Sabah and Rajya Sabah, over a two day period. All involved found the visit to the Indian Parliament very fruitful. As a result of this trip, the Deputy Speaker of the Indian Parliament and the Secretary General of National Assembly of Afghanistan agreed to strengthen the relationship between the two institutions and collaborate very closely in the future. Also, representatives of the Indian Parliament proposed to send experts and professionals to Kabul to assist the Secretariat prior to and after the September elections.

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