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SUNY/Albany Dean Keynote Speaker in Morocco


Dr. Helen Desfosses participates in the roundtable discussion

Dr. Helen Desfosses, Interim Dean at the Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy at SUNY Albany, gave the keynote address to members of both houses of Parliament of Morocco and civil society representatives on June 20, 2006 in Rabat, Morocco. Dean Desfosses participated in the roundtable on how to strengthen the Moroccan legislature's capacity in initiating and executing fact-finding committees and organizing public hearings, along with several other distinguished speakers, including Dr. Abdelmoughit Benmessaoud Tridano, a consultant for the Moroccan fact finding committee, Driss Lachgar, member of the Moroccan Chamber of Representatives and Rahou Haila, a member of the Moroccan Chamber of Counselors. This event provided a forum for experts in this field to share their professional experiences from the American, Moroccan and French perspectives, and a question and answer session followed.

Dr. Desfosses remarks on fact-finding committees and public hearings were well received by the audience and fellow panelists as she drew from her experiences as president of the Albany City Legislature and the Albany City Council. She emphasized the importance of investigation and oversight by standing committees which provided invaluable fact-finding, consensus-building and policy-recommending assistance to the legislative process. From Dean Desfosses' city council experience, she stated that public hearings were the essence of democracy and that they are an essential arena for citizen groups to be heard. Points emphasized in her presentation were; rationale, challenges, process and procedure, and the impacts within an American context.

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