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Phase I of the "In a Democracy, Your Decision Counts!" Campaign Completed in Bolivia

SUNY/CID NEWS STORIES 2006Educational billboard in Bolivia

"In a Democracy, Your Decision Counts!" This is the slogan of the mass media campaign that is being carried out by SUNY/Bolivia under its USAID-funded Program to Support Effective Citizens and Representation (PACER). Elections for national and regional offices took place in December 2005, and elections for Members of a Constituent Assembly are scheduled for July 2006. After 24 years of democratic rule, this is the first time that a civic education campaign of this type has been carried out.

The campaign focuses on the primary elements of representative democracy, especially the relationship between constituents and their representatives. It also emphasises that in a democracy, there must be respect for both minorities and majorities," noted Soraya Luján, the SUNY/Bolivia staff member who is coordinating many of the campaign's activities. Thus far, the campaign has used television, radio, billboards and printed media to reach approximately 2 million people throughout all regions of Bolivia. SUNY/Bolivia is preparing to launch Phase II of the campaign in June 2006. The new civic education materials will emphasize the importance of citizens participating in two watershed events in Bolivian history; the election of representatives who will draft a new constitution, and then debate a proposal to decentralize the government.

Educational billboards were place in high-traffic intersections throughout Bolivia.

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