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SUNY/Tanzania Organizes Concurrent Briefing Sessions for Four Parliamentary Committees

SUNY/CID NEWS STORIES 2006Honorable Professor Mtulia raises a point during the Tanzania Education Network presentation to the Social Services Committee

SUNY/Tanzania organized a series of briefing sessions for Members of Parliament (MPs) and Parliamentary staffers on May 26, 28, and 31, 2006. The briefing sessions involving the Public Accounts, Social Services, Finance & Economic Affairs, and Natural Resource Management & Environment Committees ran concurrently in three separate locations in Dar es Salaam. Over 70 Parliamentarians and 8 Parliamentary staffers received briefings from ten local organizations and institutions. With 323 MPs in the national legislature, providing targeted support to four Committees each year of the Program will be a key entry point towards helping to strengthen the Parliament.

The briefing sessions were developed with Parliamentary staffers who work within the Parliamentary Committees along with the Committee Chair and Vice Chairpersons and were designed to meet the specific informational needs identified within the Committees. Topics were diverse and included an overview of the education reforms for the Social Services Committee, auditing skills for the benefit of the Public Accounts Committee, challenges to implementing the environmental policy and legislation for the Natural Resource Management & Environment Committee and an overview of the Tanzanian Governance Notice Board and integration of gender budgeting principles for the Finance & Economic Affairs Committee. In addition, all of the target committees attended sessions about Tanzania's public financial management including issues associated with the budget cycle and public expenditure management. Presenters were drawn from Tanzanian civil society, research organizations, academia and government institutions. The sessions were intentionally timed to take place just prior to the 2006 Parliamentary Budget Session which begins in early June 2006. This is the time each year when the legislators are required to scrutinize Tanzania's National Budget estimates. As the Session draws near and their workloads increase, MPs agreed that these briefing sessions offered a much needed opportunity to participate in an informed dialogue with their fellow Committee members and outside resource persons on issues that would need to be considered and reflected in the impending Budget discussions.

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