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Mass Media, Power and Democracy in Bolivia

SUNY/CID NEWS STORIES 2006SUNY/Bolivia director Walter Guevara addresses the journalists

SUNY/Bolivia held an international seminar entitled, "Mass Media, Power and Democracy in Bolivia" from May 19 to 20, 2006. More than 120 representatives of media organizations from throughout Bolivia attended the event, and discussed and debated current issues of ethics in journalism, the role of mass media, and the freedom of expression in a democracy. Internationally renowned guest speakers included Javier Darío Restrepo and María Jimena Duzán from Columbia and Roberto Zamarripa from México. SUNY/Bolivia organized the event, in collaboration with Bolivian journalism organizations and the Ibero-American Journalism Foundation, as part of its USAID-funded Program to Support Effective Citizenry and Representation.

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