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SUNY/Jordan Hosts Advocacy Skills Workshop for CSOs

SUNY/CID NEWS STORIES 2006CSOs under the Dome of Parliament

From May 22 to 24, 2006 SUNY/Jordan organized a three-day workshop entitled "Constructive Engagement: Introduction to Parliamentary Advocacy Skills Training for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)." This workshop was part of SUNY/CID's Legislative Strengthening Program (LSP) in Jordan effort to widen the public space for voicing concerns on important policy issues in Jordan. The training enabled CSOs to gain basic advocacy knowledge, skills, and behaviors in order to improve the capacity of select Jordanian CSOs to advocate to the Jordanian Parliament.

"Advocacy is a relatively new concept in Jordan," said LSP's Director Mark K. Leverson."CSOs have been saying they need to have the hard skills in order not to just make noise, but to make deals, with their elected Members of Parliament."

A dozen public policy-related CSOs were invited to attend in order to work on their skills in approaching and having meaningful exchanges with Parliament. Honorable Basem Haddadin, a member of the Jordanian Parliament, addressed the group with an outline of the entire legislative process, with a view to where CSOs can effectively enter the discussion with their issues. Trainers at the workshop included former US State Senator Fred C. Whiting from South Dakota, who spent many years as the "target" of advocacy campaigns and had a revealing perspective to share, and LSP Staffer Ms. Lama Khries. The training included presentations on comparative experiences at advocacy and on the techniques of effective advocacy and coalition building; a mock advocacy session with role playing, and a visit to the parliament.

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