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Afghanistan Parliament Budget Office Opened


Afghanistan Parliament Budget Office

Yunus Qanooni, Speaker of the Afghanistan National Assembly inaugurated the much anticipated Parliament Budget Office on December 6, 2007. The Budget Office will provide constant technical and specialized research on the fiscal and economic issues of Afghanistan. The creation of the Budget Office started when Members of Parliament, the Speaker, and Committees expressed the urgent need for more technical capacity within Parliament to undertake these important duties. They turned to the USAID-sponsored Afghanistan Parliamentary Assistance Program (APAP) that is being implemented by SUNY/CID.

APAP responded by conducting a series of evaluations within the Parliament and succeeded in mobilizing support for the creation of a Parliamentary Budget Office. After the legal framework was complete, three full-time dedicated Afghan fiscal and economic experts were hired to staff the Budget Office. USAID/APAP concluded discussions with UNIFEM to ensure gender issues are fully covered by the Budget Office. National as well as international experts will be hired regularly to provide strong and complement backing to the MPs in the pursuit of their democratic mandate to represent the Afghan people.

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