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Connecting People and Ideas for Integrated Development

SUNY/Jordan holds Regional Policy Workshop


The Legislative Resource and Training Center (LRTC) of the Jordanian Parliment

The Legislative Resource and Training Center (LRTC) of the Jordanian Parliament sponsored a regional policy workshop, in coordination with Mutaa University, in Karak in the south of Jordan on May 31, 2008. The LRTC was founded by and is currently staffed by SUNY/CID's Legislative Strengthening Program, funded by USAID. Eighty-five participants, including Members and staff of Parliament, local government officials, academia, think tanks, and CSOs, discussed issues of particular importance to the south of Jordan, including poverty, unemployment, energy, investment, and agriculture. Eleven out of the seventeen Members of Parliament representing this region were able to attend the workshop. Presentations by experts were followed by forums in which they shared ideas on how nationwide policy affects citizens in the south and what role Members of Parliament can take in addressing these issues. This workshop was the first instance of Members of Parliament going to their regions outside of Amman during session. Two similar workshops may follow in central and northern Jordan.

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