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SUNY/CID Supports Opening of Parliamentary Visitors' Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina


SUNY/CID Supports Opening of Parliamentary Visitors Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina

As the foundational institution of any democracy, the national legislature should feel welcoming. The state-level parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be more welcoming from now on, thanks to the inauguration of a new visitors' center. On September 30th, the center opened to applause and flashbulbs with the support of SUNY/CID's Parliamentary Strengthening Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the ceremony, 30 parliamentarians, four speakers, and dozens of representatives from all administrative units of Bosnia and Herzegovina, civil society, and the international community gathered to officially open the center. The ceremony was covered by local newspapers and the national BHT1 television channel.

In their speeches, Parliamentary Speakers Milorad Zivkovic and Ilija Filipovic welcomed the guests and expressed their hope that the new center will be used by members of parliament as a new forum for engaging with the public. Both thanked USAID and SUNY/CID for support. USAID head of mission Allan Reed emphasized the need for increasing the interaction between MPs and citizens.

The room housing the visitors' center had previously been a furniture storage space. Converting what was until recently little more than a large closet into a place to bring citizens and their elected representatives together was the brainchild of the Head of Parliamentary Public Relations Zlatko Vukmirovic, and his assistant, Enra Soldo.

SUNY/CID's parliamentary project financed the new center's soundproofing measures, technical equipment, and furniture. It provided 50 chairs, a projector, a television screen, microphones, speakers, and other related technical equipment. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe will provide additional materials.

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