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Connecting People and Ideas for Integrated Development

APAP takes Youth Fellows, CSOs through Budgeting Process

As part of its drive to empower Afghans to be able to make meaningful contribution towards their country's development, the Afghanistan Parliamentary Assistance Project (APAP) through its Budget Support Team organized a national budget workshop for CSOs and Parliament Interns. The workshop that ran from October 24 to 26 was designed to give participants an overview of principles and procedures of crafting a national budget. It also highlighted the important role the Afghan National Assembly plays in this process.

To ensure that participants derived maximum benefit from the training, APAP's Budget Support Team conducted the training in local Dari and Pashto languages. The participants, who have always regarded Budgeting as a specialized topic that can only be understood by grey-haired economists who work in the Ministry of Finance, were highly appreciative of the APAP initiative.

"The CSO are the bridge between the government and the people. It is of great importance to know how the Budgeting is done. The principles of budgeting explained that very well." said Ms. Qudsia Majidyar, director of Human Development Centre in Afghanistan.

The participants also learnt about external and internal factors that should be considered when crafting a national budget. For example, they had an overview of latest economic development trends that shaped the priorities of the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) - a UN effort to end poverty, disease and illiteracy by 2015. Naturally, this UN initiative will have a bearing on the way in which the Afghan national budget will be crafted.

The participants were also briefed on the Afghan National Development Strategy and its impact on the national budget. Mr. Shabir Ahmad Majidi, a Youth Fellow who participated in the three-day workshop, said that prior to attending the training, he had thought it would be very difficult to understand budgeting but was very happy after completing the course."I liked the fact that training explained a rather complex process, in simple language," he said.