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Connecting People and Ideas for Integrated Development

New Interns Get "Oriented" for Success!

Parliament of Uganda staff provide an orientation program for incoming group of university interns prior to their placement in Parliament.

As part of the Parliamentary Research and Internship Project, funded by USAID through HED, SUNY/CID and the Parliament of Uganda organized a three-day orientation program for new PRIP interns. The interns are given an overview of the Parliament, how it is organized, staff roles, and operations. Interns are introduced to key figures in the Parliamentary structure, including key staff and department heads, as well as Members of Parliament.

The orientation focuses heavily on what the new interns can expect during their two and one-half month tenure. Additionally, the orientation stresses what is expected of the interns-from how to dress to how to interact with Members of Parliament. This comprehensive program allows the interns to ask questions and get to know their peers-thus starting what is hoped to be an informal network that will serve the interns for years to come. Experience with other internship programs shows this networking to be an important intangible benefit to such programs. The interns leave this orientation equipped to embark on their task of learning about the inner workings of a critical component of Uganda's governance structure.