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Dr. Kate Rose-Sender discusses Women's issues in Afghanistan

Dr. Kate Rose-Sender from APAP was one of six invited presenters (3 internationals/3 Afghans) at Conference on Women, Peace and Security – the Afghan View, hosted in Tallinn, Estonia on November 11-12. There, joined by representatives from UNAMA (United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan), ISAF (International Security Assistance Force), the High Peace Council, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the Afghan Women’s Network, she participated in presentations and panel discussions on the rights of women in this time of transition in Afghanistan.

The conference was organized by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in preparation for the upcoming Lisbon Summit. The audience of ambassadors, NATO representatives, members of the press and members of international civil society engaged in question and answer sessions and discussion during the two day session. Governor Gulabuddin Mangal was the guest of honor at the dinner the first night of the Conference at which Deputy Minister Palwashi Kakar of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs spoke of the progress being made by the women of Afghanistan.

Rose-Sender shared her experience gathered in the over four years of working in Afghanistan and addressed topics of large interest such as: personal security; political representation and the inclusion of women in governance; women’s access to education and healthcare and religion and its impact on Afghan women. While Dr. Rose-Sender noted a number of indicators of the progress on women’s issues in Afghanistan, such as the growing number and effectiveness of civil society organizations, the physical presence of women in parliament and in the peace process, and the new law addressing violence against women, she also underlined the critical need for continued international community support and assistance in the effort to improve the lives of Afghan women.