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Afghanistan Parliamentary Institute receives official accreditation

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai issued a decree May 24 extending official accreditation to the Afghanistan Parliamentary Institute (API) as an Afghan institution of higher learning. Established in 2008, API offers a broad range of training programs for members of parliament and the staff ranging from course of legislative process, budgeting, oversight and outreach to computer skills and English language. It also offers training in legislative advocacy and engagement for Afghan civil Society organizations.

To celebrate this important accomplishment, the National Assembly plans to hold an official launching of the API. The date has not been announced.

In addition to U.S. Ambassador Karl Eickenberry, the following will be invited to speak at the approximately 90-minute program:

GoIRA Vice President Fahim
Wolesi Jirga Speaker Ibrahimi
Meshrano Jirga President Muslemyar
GoIRA Minister of Higher Education
Ambassador of Canada (funder of the API building construction)
Wolesi Jirga Secretary General Gran

Invited guests will include:

Members of both houses of National Assembly
GoIRA Cabinet Members, including Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
Ambassadors from various Embassies including, Great Britain, France, Germany, Turkey, Netherlands
The Mayor of Kabul
Chancellors from various universities in Kabul, including Kabul University and American University
Media from local and international news outlets

Posted May 26, 2011