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Connecting People and Ideas for Integrated Development
APAP CSO conference 2011

Conference provides expert advice to CSOs

Fifty civil society organization representatives heard from experts at the Afghanistan Parliamentary Institute during the March 13, 2011, CSO conference designed to enhance the capacity of CSOs and raise awareness of their role in the policy-making process.

Deputy Secretary General, Administrative Affairs Akbar Akramzada urged CSO representatives to take an active part in legislature affairs.Their support will enable the government to deliver quality services and further strengthen their role in offering civic oversight of the government.

Mohammad Saeed Niazai, director of the Civil Society Assistance Project stressed the significant role of civil society organizations in building the socio-economic capacity of Afghanistan and the added benefits they can bring to government service delivery.  He also called for an enhanced role for CSOs in the policy-making process.

Dr. Sara Kathleen Rose, institutional development manager of APAP, built on these presentations by addressing how CSOs can engage in the legislative process based on international best practices.

In addition to promoting CSO engagement, the conference also provided substantive training on a wide-range of topics. Ustad Noor Ahmad Hemat addressed the national budget preparation process, the budgetary role of parliament, and an analysis of the 1389 and 1390 budgets. M. Yousuf Ghaznavi, APAP’s outreach and representation specialist in Kabul, discussed the Afghanistan National Development Strategy, provincial development plans, and the provincial budgeting process.

Posted March 17, 2011