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David Guinn Visits Afghanistan & Lebanon

David Guinn

Senior Associate David Guinn visited the Afghanistan Parliamentary Assistance Project (APAP) from Jan. 16 to Feb. 1. As part of his visit, he was initially scheduled to deliver training on anti-corruption during the new members orientation for the Wolesi Jirga. However, events overtook his presentation when it was announced that President Karzai wanted to delay the inauguration of the new Parliament to await the ruling of the Special Tribunal on elections. This sparked a debate among parliamentarians that ended the orientation as they discussed how to respond. (President Karzai eventually relented and inaugurated the new Parliament 6 days later.) After this initial disappointment, David shifted to working on the development of the work plan and budget for the upcoming extension of the project through the end of September 2011.

On his return trip, David stopped in Beirut from Feb 1 to 14, to assist COP Sladjana Bjelic as the Project to Support the Lebanese Parliament (PSLP) transitioned DCOPs from Fares El-Zein to Patricia Tancred. David worked with Fares, who will continue with the project as a part-time consultant, and the research staff on completing the revisions to the upcoming publications of a parliamentary/political/legal Arabic-English glossary, a research guide on Arab parliaments (English/Arabic/Internet), and a questionnaire for Arab parliaments. He also worked on the project PMP and helped brief the new DCOP Patricia Tancred, on her arrival in Beirut.

Posted Feb. 22, 2011