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Connecting People and Ideas for Integrated Development

SUNY/CID Participates in 82nd Annual Southern Political Science Association Conference

SUNY/CID Associate Paul Gumpper presented a paper Jan. 8 at the Southern Political Science Association's (SPSA) 82nd Annual conference titled "Constituency Development Funds and the Separation of Powers." Constituency Development Funds are controversial distributive mechanisms which dedicate public money to benefit specific constituencies through spending decisions influenced by their representatives in the national parliament. In December 2009, SUNY/CID launched a project to examine the effectiveness, sustainability, and oversight of CDFs internationally in cooperation with academics and policy makers.

The New Orleans event enabled SUNY/CID to reach out to an audience of academics and practitioners to explore a common criticism that CDF operations violate democratic principles of the separation of powers. The paper will be soon uploaded to the SUNY/CID website.

Mr. Gumpper also chaired the panel Beyond the Basics of Parliamentary Accountability: The Workings, Procedures and Outcomes of Public Account Committees and their Role in Executive Oversight. These panels were organized by the Research Committee on Legislative Studies (RCLS), which is part of the International Political Science Association and brings together academics and practitioners in the international legislative community. The RCLS annual meeting was held at Rockefeller College in Albany in 2007.