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Former Canadian speaker attends PIN meeting in Kenya

Kenya PIN meetingPeter Milliken, former speaker of Canada's House of Commons (2001 to 2011), recently attended a meeting of the Parliamentary Initiatives Network (PIN) in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mr. Milliken was in Nairobi on a visit to the Kenyan National Assembly in collaboration with the Canadian Parliamentary Center. He attended a PIN meeting at the SUNY Kenya office to discuss comparative views of bicameralism.

The Parliamentary Initiatives Network (PIN) is a forum for non-state actors in Kenya with a programmatic interest in Parliament. PIN brings together a number of CSOs including professional associations, think tanks and research institutions that focus on affecting Parliamentary business from a technical perspective.

Members collectively and individually commit themselves to provide a coordinated framework for civil society organizations to support the Kenya National Assembly in reviewing proposed policies and drafting legislation. More specifically, the mandate extends — but is not limited to — providing information and research support to the National Assembly, its committees and Members in the areas of oversight, legislative and representation roles as well as designing tools to help the Assembly systematically monitor and track the implementation of decisions, policies and laws that it has made, as well as, enhance the institutional capacity of parliament generally.

The office of the State University of New York Parliamentary Support Program in Kenya (SUNY Kenya, administered by SUNY Center for International Development), is the interim secretariat for PIN but Network members may provide specific activity coordinating unit support to discrete activities and events. The SUNY Kenya team is incubating PIN and intends to pass on the coordination role in the next 12 to 18 months.

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Posted: Sept. 27, 2011