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Legal Advisor passes Bosnia Bar Exam

Nedim Hogic

Nedim Hogić, SUNY/CID Legal Advisor in Bosnia and Herzegovina, recently passed the Bar Exam on the State level. Following the written part a week earlier, he passed the oral exam Feb. 1 with BiH Minister of Justice Bariša Čolak chairing the panel.

Mr. Hogić has been working with CID since May 2009. He is a graduate of the Sarajevo Faculty of Law and took courses on private and public international law at The Hague Academy of International Law.

Christian Haupt, Chief of Party in Bosnia, said: "I must say he (Mr. Hogić) has impressed me with this excellent result. Due to his demanding and time consuming work as a Legal Advisor in our parliamentary Project, he could not afford himself the same intensive and lengthy preparations like many others registering for the Bar Exam. Hence, he confirmed his excellent knowledge and deep sense for legal matters."

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Posted: Feb. 4, 2011