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SUNY/CID wins $13.4 million legislative strengthening project in Cote d'IvoireMap of Africa's Ivory Coast

On December 14, USAID/West Africa awarded RFSUNY (SUNY/CID) a five-year, $13.4 million LS IQC task order to implement the Legislative Strengthening Program in Cote d’Ivoire (CI LSP).

The two objectives of the CI LSP are to support the National Assembly to better fulfill its basic legislative, representational and oversight functions and to improve the Deputies’ constituency representation and oversight in a number of communes.

In the implementation of this project, SUNY/CID will work closely with MSI, Cote d'Ivoire's Center for Political and Economic Analysis (CAPEC), the International Federation of Library Associations, (IFLA), and a large number of local experts.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to support government and civil society organizations in Cote d’Ivoire as they seek to build stable and accountable institutions to better deliver vital services to citizens,” according to Malcolm Russell-Einhorn, Director of SUNY/CID. “Strengthening the legislature is particularly important to the country’s economic recovery, not to mention social accommodation and political reconciliation in the wake of a decade of civil conflict.”

The project’s field team, which is composed of accomplished staff hailing from Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Canada, and Cameroon, is scheduled to mobilize in January. SUNY/CID Director Russell-Einhorn is confident that they will get the project up and running in a matter of weeks. “We have been doing large-scale development projects for over a quarter century and know what it takes to multi-task in these situations.”

Activities with the National Assembly are designed to strengthen the National Assembly and its deputies’ ability to more effectively meet their responsibilities in the areas of law-making, government oversight, constituent representation and internal management. Within the National Assembly, the project will improve the capacity of research, budget and committee staff to provide deputies’ with the information necessary to improved policy making and oversight.

In addition, the project will select up to 20 target communes to ensure regular interaction between the respective deputies and their constituents in these communes. Commune-based activities will include the creation of an alliance of critical local stakeholders, identification of critical community problems that can be realistically addressed by government, identification of possible solutions, and work with both de-concentrated and decentralized officials in addressing them.  At the national level, activities will focus on assisting these deputies to articulate needs identified at the local level with appropriate ministries, publically query executive officials, and create a greater culture of accountability.

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Posted Dec. 19, 2012