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Connecting People and Ideas for Integrated Development

SUNY/CID program named an HED partnership of the month Uganda lecturers and Jim Utermark

SUNY Center for International Development along with Nkumba University, the Islamic University in Uganda and Uganda Martyrs University were named Higher Education Development's (HED) partnership of the month in the January/February newsletter for their work to develop Uganda Parliamentary Research and Internship Program (PRIP). The program engaged undergraduate Ugandan students of any disciplinary background in an opportunity to train and work in the legislative branch.

HED newsletter here.

In Dec. 2011, Ugandan faculty traveled to Washington, D.C. and Albany as part of the partnership’s research activities. Professors Deogratias Matovu of Uganda Martyrs University, Abdu Kakaire of Islamic University in Uganda, and Solomon Asiimwe of Nkumba University became familiar with legislature at the national and state levels and learned more about the U.S. government and participated in graduate-level course work and comparative studies. “We have learned a lot, attended courses that opened our minds, and been exposed to other [methods] of course delivery,” said Asiimwe.

PRIP is supported by a centralized Ugandan coordinating group that enabled common success through the establishment of one standard across the internship program at all three universities, such as the equal involvement of women. Matovu, Kakaire, and Asiimwe praised this in-country coordination. “If it is left to universities, it will take different trains. Everything is connected because of this coordination,” said Asiimwe. The efficiency and effectiveness the internship program launched has since spurred ideas for replication. “The impact is there. We can never be the same,” Matovu said.

Posted Feb. 28, 2012