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PSP grants continue to offer support in KenyaKenya Budget Forum

The Kenya Parliamentary Strengthening Project’s (PSP) small grants program continues to support organizations in Kenya working to improve the policy-making process. 

The Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA), an all party caucus of women MPs, is changing the way that Kenya’s legislature conducts its budget analysis.  Their goal is to improve the socio-economic conditions and address the root causes of poverty among women and children, whose daily lives are disproportionally affected by poor incomes and living conditions.

“If you want to see which way a country is headed, look at the country’s budget and how it allocates resources for women
and children.”

Pregs Govender
MP South Africa

With a small grant provided by the PSP, KEWOPA developed Gender Responsive Budgeting Guidelines used by committees and the Parliamentary Budget Office to analyze the Government’s 2012/13 budget. Ensuing recommendations identified the need to fund cancer screening programs to prevent diseases severely affecting women’s health.  As a result 300 million Kenyan Shillings (more than $3.5 million) was allocated to the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation to procure cancer screening equipment. 

Other recommendations included gathering gender disaggregated data for all government programs and specific budget lines on gender in every Ministry. It also suggests that the Parliamentary Budget Office’ integrate gender gap analysis into its procedures and reports. 

Kenya’s new constitution endows Parliament with strong budget making powers. KEWOPA’s efforts are helping to ensure that Parliament has the instruments it needs to allocate budget resources in accordance with the Constitution’s gender equity provisions.

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Posted Dec. 19, 2012