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SUNY/CID wins $5.5M legislative strengthening project in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded the Research Foundation for SUNY (SUNY/CID) a 44-month, $5.5 million cooperative agreement to implement Strengthening Governmental Institutions and Processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina (SGIP) on April 30, 2013. The project will begin on May 15, 2013, and run through January 14, 2017.

The overall goal of SGIP is to support efforts by Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) toward Euro-Atlantic integration through strengthening the capacity of the country’s governing institutions to adopt, implement, and account for more effective policies, laws, and budgets that address critical European Union (EU) accession related issues. More specifically, SGIP will implement activities designed to improve governance at both the State and Federation levels, while also supporting increased citizen participation in governing institutions and processes. In addition to working closely with both Bosnia and Herzegovina’s State and Federation Parliaments, SGIP will work with selected ministries within the government, along with selected cantonal (local) governments, civil society organizations, and other development partners.

The project is divided into four components, each designed to strengthen capacity and governmental sustainability. The four components are:

  1. Improving Policy Development in the Lawmaking Process
  2. Improving Budget Preparation, Review, Adoption and Implementation
  3. Strengthening Systems of Public Accountability and Transparency
  4. Enhancing the Role and Capacity of Women in Governing Institutions, Processes, and Systems

To implement this project, SUNY/CID will work closely with a number of local partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Foremost among these are two primary sub-awardees, Prava za sve (Rights for All), an organization devoted to supporting and improving the role of women in governance in Bosnia and Herzegovina; and the Institute for Youth Development KULT, which is playing an increasingly important role in the oversight of government measures aimed at youth development.

“Receiving this award from USAID is a wonderful opportunity to continue our important and successful work with the State and Federation Parliaments and other key governance actors to support and sustain a more efficient and effective government in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” according to Malcolm Russell-Einhorn, Director of SUNY/CID. “Strengthening the legislatures is particularly important to the country’s long-term goal of membership in the European Union.  SUNY/CID is proud to continue its record of success in helping legislative bodies around the world become stronger and more effective institutions.”

The SGIP project is a successor to SUNY/CID’s current USAID Cooperative Agreement for the Parliamentary Support Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a $4.1 million effort that began in March 2009 and concludes in May 2013.

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Posted May 1, 2013
Updated August 30, 2013