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South Sudan Constituency Development Fund Workshop

MPs listen attentively to the Workshop Chair Ho Aber

MPs listen attentively to the Workshop Chair Ho Aber

On June 27-28, 2013, SUNY/CID and Deloitte, in collaboration with the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and the Constituency Fund Committee (CFC) of the National Legislative Assembly, organized a two-day workshop on the Constituency Development Fund (CDF). Since the adoption of the Constituency Development Fund Act in 2007, the members of the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly, now the National Legislative Assembly (NLA), have had the right to allocate three percent of the annual national budget to finance development projects in their respective constituencies. Effective use of the funds is both a development priority, given the many needs of South Sudan, and an issue of transparency and accountability. Ambiguities have endured over the process of consultation with communities, selection and approval of proposed projects, and accounting for expenditures to the Executive.

The objectives of the two-day workshop included ways to better understand how CDF funds have been used in the past, identify deficiencies in the current system from the legislation to the process of accounting for expenditures, and finally to make recommendations on how to improve the use of the CDF in the future. The project brought a regional expert from Tanzania who offered lessons learned from CDF experiences in Tanzania and how to improve functioning of the CDF in South Sudan.

The immediate impact of the workshop was to re-focus the attention of the NLA on the use of the CDF, as well as more demands for accountability and inclusiveness from other stakeholders. The NLA resolved to re-examine the Act and to improve the use of CDF funds, as well as strengthen the overall effectiveness of the CDF.

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Posted July 30, 2013