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SUNY/CID awarded Ford Foundation Grant to Collaborate with the Kenya Centre for Parliamentary Studies and Training

CID will assist CPST in developing modules for the training of Members of County Assemblies to increase legislative capacity in Kenya's 47 counties

CID will assist CPST extend their training capacity from the Kenya National Parliament (pictured above) to Members of County Assemblies

On October 18, 2013 SUNY/CID was awarded a $500,000 grant from the Ford Foundation to collaborate with the Centre for Parliamentary Studies and Training (CPST) in developing curricula and training programs for Parliament and county assemblies in Kenya. This grant will enhance CPST tools and training capacity to support effective legislative performance by developing course content and certifying trainers to deliver the courses to members and staff. CPST was established by the Parliamentary Service Commission in December 2008 to be a resource center for members of Parliament. Kenya’s new Constitution, passed in 2010, created county assemblies. It is in this context that CPST is now expanding its work with county assemblies.

SUNY/CID will collaborate with the CPST to develop trainings on the Constitution, Parliament and Systems of Governance, Legislative and Procedural Matters, Information and Public Engagement, Public Finance Management, Human Resource and Administration of Legislatures, and Cross Cutting Issues in Parliamentary/Legislative Work. These modules will improve the effectiveness of policy making in Kenya and allow the newly constituted county assemblies, as well as Parliament to fulfill their constitutional mandates.

SUNY/CID has been working in Kenya since 2000 to build the capacity of Parliament and, more recently, to assist in implementing devolved government. This Ford Foundation grant will allow SUNY to expand the reach and sustainability of its work thought collaboration and capacity building with CPST.

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Posted November 11, 2013