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SUNY/CID Strengthens Foster Care Policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Foster Care in FBiH

A policy meeting on Foster Care in BiH.

On Thursday July 10, SUNY/CID completed the two-week series of five stakeholder consultations on the public policy document, which will form the basis for the FBiH Draft Law on Foster Care. An estimated 1,300 children in the Federation are in need of foster care; of these, approximately 370 are cared for by relatives (with minimal government support), 130 have been placed with foster families, while the remainder reside in institutions.

Main stakeholder concerns included:

  • ensuring an adequate number of foster families
  • ensuring adequate training and professional support for foster families
  • effectively and transparently allocating Federal, cantonal, and local funding
  • providing Social Care Centers with additional human resources
  • ensuring efficient coordination and communication between FBiH Ministry, Cantonal Ministries and Social Centers
  • informing the wider public about foster care by launching a promotional campaign
  • securing monitoring mechanisms to oversee foster placements

By the end of July the Ministry expects to ensure that these concerns, most of which are already addressed in the public policy document, are fully reflected in it. The Ministry will then forward the policy document to the government to be drafted into legislation.

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Posted August 01, 2014