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SGIP Helps BiH Canton Redesign Web Site

SGIP Web Site Ceremony

SGIP is formally thanked in a ceremony for the unveiling of a Web site it helped foster for a local government in Bosnia.

SUNY/CID’s USAID-funded “Strengthening Governing Institutions and Processes” (SGIP) program in Bosnia and Herzegovina completed a nine-month project to help the Government of Zenica-Doboj Canton overhaul its Web site. Zenica-Doboj (ZE-DO) is one of the largest of ten cantons in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our team furnished expertise, as well as locally purchased hardware and software.

The new page was created through close collaboration with cantonal officials to best serve local needs. It is fully sustainable, and will be maintained in-house by the Canton itself. In a ceremony on July 30, the new page was launched while SUNY/CID signed a formal agreement with representatives of the ZE-DO Government and Assembly to transfer the donated equipment.

The site’s sleek new design gives users a faster, simpler, and more secure experience. A vast body of information concerning the activities of leaders and the rights of citizens has been made available to the public through a single, user-friendly interface.

In addition, the donation will increase the transparency of the cantonal government’s work while empowering citizens and civic groups to participate more actively in the legislative process. ZE-DO Secretary General Ms. Berina Ackar noted that these improvements will remedy concerns about the lack of access to information and public documents raised by the Center for Civil Initiatives (CCI), a CSO that monitors the performance of governments and legislatures.

SGIP provided four desktop computers and one server, along with modules to enable easy updates. The technical implementation of the project was undertaken by a local company chosen through competitive bidding.

During the ceremony, cantonal Prime Minister Mr. Munib Husejnagić took the opportunity to formally thank SGIP. “On behalf of the Government, on my behalf, and on behalf of citizens of Zenica-Doboj Canton, I would like to express gratitude for this valuable donation of the American people, which will give our citizens an opportunity to have access to a large amount of valuable information, and which will significantly contribute to the transparency of our work.”

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Posted August 22, 2014