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Connecting People and Ideas for Integrated Development

Kenya - Democratic Institution Building Assistance to the National Assembly (2000 - 2009)

Civil Society, Education, and Policy Development and Advocacy

The purpose of this USAID-funded project was to increase the ability of the National Assembly of Kenya to affect legal, political and constitutional reforms that will promote economic development and advance the Kenyan democratization process. The project also aimed to increase citizen input in public policy and legislative formation, and assist the parliament in overseeing and monitoring the executive branch.

In partnership with the Kenyan National Assembly, SUNY/CID developed a program of technical assistance activities that targets both MPs and staff, including parliamentary leadership in the Office of the Clerk and the Public Accounts, Public Investment, and departmental Committees. Activities also regularly involve different USAID Sector Teams and their Kenyan partner organizations, generating cross-sector synergies in areas such as HIV/AIDs policy and agricultural development. SUNY/CID also coordinated regional parliamentary activities with the Eastern African Association of Public Accounts Committees and the East African Parliamentary Institute.

Some of the project's key achievements included:

  • Implementation of live broadcasts of the parliament
  • Modernization of legislative service provision
  • Modernization of parliamentary IT services
  • Support for the creation and training of staff in the Office of Fiscal Analysis
  • Assistance in the revision of the parliament's standing orders
  • Development of parliamentary publications, including; the Committee Resources Directory, Children's Booklet on Parliament, MPs Booklet on Being an Effective Legislator, Departmental Committee Substantive Sector Briefs, the Parliament's magazine "Bunge," and the Reference Manual on Parliamentary Procedural Rulings
  • Development of a directory of NGOs
  • Creation of a parliamentary internship program

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