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Strengthening Governing Institutions, and Processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina (SGIP)

  • SUNY/CID Helps Improve Regulatory Framework for Public-Private Partnership in Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Press Conference to present the Central Bosnia PPP Catalogue

    SUNY/CID’s USAID-funded project "Strengthening Government Institutions and Processes (SGIP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina" improved the regulatory framework for public-private partnerships in three of the country’s administrative divisions (cantons): Zenica-Doboj, Tuzla and Central Bosnia. Read More...

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    Project Description

    SGIP is a four year activity funded by the United States Agency for International Development and implemented by SUNY/CID. SGIP’s overall goal is to support efforts by Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to move toward Euro-Atlantic integration through strengthening the capacity of the country’s governing institutions to adopt, implement, and account for more effective policies, laws, and budgets that address critical European Union (EU) accession-related issues. As a potential candidate for the EU, BiH must meet EU criteria which require stable and functional institutions that guarantee democracy, the rule of law, human rights, and respect for and protection of minorities at all levels of governance.

    SGIP is designed to improve governance at both the State and Federation levels, while also supporting increased citizen participation in governing institutions and processes and strengthening local government/decentralization initiatives. In addition to working closely with both Bosnia and Herzegovina’s State and Federation Parliaments, SGIP will work with selected ministries within the government, along with selected cantonal governments, local government actors, civil society organizations, and other development partners across four components, each designed to strengthen capacity and governmental sustainability. These components are:

    • Improving Policy Development in the Lawmaking Process
    • Improving Budget Preparation, Review, Adoption and Implementation
    • Strengthening Systems of Public Accountability and Transparency
    • Enhancing the Role and Capacity of Women in Governing Institutions, Processes, and Systems

    SGIP will work side-by-side with its partners to provide hands-on technical assistance, supplemented by other knowledge transfer methods, to strengthen their capacities to carry out participatory planning, budgeting and oversight processes and to adopt EU-compliant legislation. Activities will also anchor civil society and the growing BiH policy community firmly within all phases of these processes, creating and strengthening linkages while increasing accountability.

    SGIP began in May 2013. It builds on SUNY/CID’s implementation of the USAID Parliamentary Strengthening Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a $4.1 million effort that began in March 2009 and was concluded in May 2013.