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Project Description

The USAID-funded Legislative Strengthening Program in Cote d’Ivoire is a 5-year, $13.4 million USAID-funded program that weds a traditional program of institutional support to develop the legislative and oversight capacities of the National Assembly of Cote d’Ivoire with an innovative program of engagement between a select group of deputies and their constituencies to promote better constituent representation and improve service delivery. The overarching objectives of the program are:

  • A National Assembly better able to fulfill its basic legislative, representational and oversight functions.
  • Improved National Assembly Deputy constituent representation and oversight in a select number of communes.

Activities with the National Assembly are designed to strengthen the National Assembly and its deputies’ ability to more effectively meet their responsibilities in the areas of law-making, government oversight, constituent representation and internal management. Within the National Assembly, the project will improve the capacity of research, budget and committee staff to provide deputies’ with the information necessary to improve policy making and oversight. Additionally, the project will provide support and training to civil society and the media so that they may better monitor and report on the work conducted by the National Assembly, as well as to advocate on legislation and policy issues.

In addition, the project will select up to 24 target communes for pilot activities aimed at ensuring regular interaction between the respective deputies and their constituents within these communes. Commune-based activities will include the creation of an alliance of critical local stakeholders, identification of critical commune-level service delivery shortcomings that can be realistically addressed by government, and assist local stakeholders, their MPs and government officials at all levels in addressing them. At the national level, activities will focus on assisting these deputies to articulate needs identified at the local level with appropriate ministries, publically query executive officials, and create a greater culture of accountability.