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Connecting People and Ideas for Integrated Development

Legislative Strengthening Program in Jordan
(2005 - 2010)


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Project Description

This five-year, USAID-funded program provided technical assistance, trainings, advisory services and procurement for the Parliament of Jordan.

The central objectives of this program were to assist the Parliament of Jordan in strengthening its legislative, budgetary, and oversight capacities; increase the institution's transparency and accountability; promote citizen participation in and improve the public understanding of Parliament.

Some of the program's achievements included:

  • Creation of the Parliamentary Budget Office.
  • Procurement and installation of an electronic voting and transcription system for the parliamentary chamber.
  • Establishment of a Legislative Resource and Training Center.
  • Enhancement of the institution's information technology (ICT) and communications strategies.
  • Introduction of live web broadcasts of parliamentary sessions.
  • Support for a new member orientation program.