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Connecting People and Ideas for Integrated Development

Uganda - Strengthening Democratic Linkages in Uganda Program: LINKAGES (2007 - 2010)

Legislative Strengthening

The goal of this USAID-funded three-year project was to strengthen democratic linkages among the Ugandan Parliament, selected local governments, and civil society groups. In the context of Uganda's transition back towards a multi-party system and recovery from civil war, the Linkages Program worked to build the capacity of government and civil society to effectively engage with each other, increase democratic participation in political processes, improve institutional transparency and accountability, and extend essential service delivery to public constituencies. SUNY/CID's sub-contract partner on the Linkages Program was the Research Triangle Institute, International (RTI).

The project focuses on many specific issues which are deeply intertwined in the post-conflict stabilization process. These areas include improving transparency of government, building peace and recovery efforts in Uganda's northern provinces, strengthening efforts in the areas of health and the environment, and enabling advocacy for more effective local and national government response to grassroots needs.

Post-war peace building and recovery in northern Uganda is a key cross-cutting issue of the Linkages activity. Of the target districts, six are part of the Government's Peace, Recovery and Development Plan (PRDP) for Northern Uganda. In these districts, local government and civil society capacity will be strengthened to support effective coordination, monitoring and implementation of the PRDP. Through Parliamentary committee field visits to the North, national representatives were encouraged to contribute to the recovery efforts. Civil society groups were supported as they advocate at the national and local levels for a meaningful transition from humanitarian relief to development in the conflict-affected areas. Project achievements included:

  • A half-day Peace, Recovery, and Development Plan Workshop for MPs from the Greater North Parliamentary Forum on July 7, 2009.
  • Training and technical assistance to the 20 Harmonized Participatory Development Planning Sub counties in Kitgum, Pader, Arua and Amolatar districts in the formulation of the draft development plans and budgets.
  • Grants information sessions held in Arua and Kitgum districts.
  • Review of 275 Grants application concepts papers from CSOs of which 73 were selected.