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Uganda Parliamentary Technical Assistance Project (2001 - 2002)

Legislative Strengthening

The Uganda Parliamentary Technical Assistance Project (UPTAP) was a one-year USAID-funded program of technical assistance to the Ugandan Parliament. UPTAP was funded under SUNY/CID's Deliberative Bodies IQC via four separate task orders spanning two distinct IQC contracts from 1998 to 2002. In order to implement the activities stipulated in the Task Order, UPTAP has had to work with a number of stakeholders, such as members of Parliament and their representatives in the Parliamentary Commission, the Board of Management, Parliamentary staff, key donors, USAID/Uganda's partner for decentralization, civil society organizations, and target local governments. Some of the project's accomplishments included:

  • Installation of a sophisticated information system in the Parliament, which includes Parliament's own internet hook-up and website.
  • Development of a Parliamentary Budget Office to assist the Parliament in conducting legislative oversight and in utilizing its constitutional investigatory powers to battle corruption and ensure transparency and accountability with respect to central government expenditures.
  • Expansion and modernization of the Parliamentary Office of Public Information.
  • Diverse training sessions for Members of Parliament and Parliamentary Committees.
  • Expansion of the technical capacity of the Parliamentary Commission (establishing a Management Board and providing technical assistance on rules reform).
  • Enhancing the representational capacity and outreach skills of MPs including conducting two Conferences on Effective Legislative Representation, providing training to members on the bill tracking system and conducting parliamentary/local government meetings.
  • Strengthening the technical capacity of Parliament's professional research staff and linking civil society groups and experts to Parliament (civil society directory and an expert directory).