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Project for Good Governance in the Republic of South Sudan (PROGRESS) 2013-2018

South Sudan Constituency Development Fund Workshop

Project Desription

The USAID-funded Project for Good Governance in the Republic of South Sudan (PROGRESS) is a large five-year governance program implemented by Deloitte LLP and SUNY/CID as its subcontractor. The overall objective of the project is to assist the government, both at the national and state level, to make policies and decisions based on better access to information, research, and analysis; and subsequently to execute those policies through enhanced governmental processes and linkages, and a more capable civil service. As part of the PROGRESS implementation team, SUNY/CID is providing a five-year $2.2 million technical assistance program to strengthen the roles and capacities of the National Legislature (both the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) and the Council of States (CoS)) and state assemblies in the young nation’s lawmaking and oversight process.

SUNY/CID’s technical assistance under PROGRESS is focused on the following objectives:

  • To strengthen the capacity of the Republic of South Sudan National Legislature (NL) to review, question and draft legislation;
  • To improve the capacity of the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs to effectively promote government business in the National Legislature and state legislative assemblies (SLAs);
  • To improve the legislative process by systematically harmonizing government policy priorities and annual legislative agendas; and
  • To ensure better dissemination of laws within and outside the government.

Activities under these objectives include assistance to the National Legislature, and the state legislative assemblies in systematizing the legislative process and developing a legislative tracking system; improving the legislative review process; assisting the National Legislature to develop procedures for managing the NL business; building the capacity of the National Legislature and state legislative assemblies; assisting the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and National Legislature to establish liaison and build capacity of the state legislative assemblies; and providing capacity building for key NL committees.